Qualified yoga teacher, fitness consultant, reiki master and teacher and sound therapist specialising in addiction and trauma recovery.

Offering yoga, sound baths, reiki treatments and courses. Private and corporate bookings at home or at your office/site.

My spiritual name is Hamir Kaur – yoga teacher, fitness consultant, reiki master and naad yoga therapist, specialising in addiction and trauma recovery.

My approach to health and well-being focuses on the connection of body, mind and nature.

With over 30 years of experience, yoga and sound healing practices take inspiration from the ancient teachings of India, Chinese medicine and Japanese Reiki healing.

…and it brings a unique set of challenges for us to face and overcome. The stress that most of us experience relates to how we handle the pressures of life. Intuitive body work practices help us function in harmony with the daily reality of life and enables us to reduce our resistance to relax and let go. If we start to view the world through the world of feeling we can tap into a world that is full creativity, deep healing and inner strength. For us to live in this world, it requires our participation through actively and creatively finding solutions to make our life, community and world a better place to live.


Kundalini Yoga is an ancient form of yoga, practiced for centuries but more recently formalised by Yogi Bhajan into a contemporary form of yoga that can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or ability. It incorporates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga into a cohesive and integrated system using yoga postures, breath, mantras (chanting) and meditation. It is the yoga of experience. 

Yin yoga

We all have potential energy within muscles, facial connective tissues and joints. During this practice we tap into this energy reservoir and release it back into the body system. General vitality and energy levels will improve, and as you unwind your mind, you’ll drop into relaxation.

Working closely with the meridian system of Chinese Medicine and the ancient yogic teachings from India we begin to inspire, re-balance, strengthen, meditate and enjoy all the sensations that arise in the body. Yin Yoga practice is open to all levels of experience.

Retreat yoga and massage therapy packages are available upon request. I can create bespoke packages to suit your group, ensuring that you come away from your holiday feeling fully rejuvenated and energised.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means ‘Wisdom or the Higher Power’ and Ki which is ‘life force energy’. It can be experienced by either laying the hands on the body or by distant (remote) healing.
A Reiki treatment is given with a heartfelt intention to rebalance and harmonise the life force energy that flows through us. It is during the times when our life force energy is low that we are more likely to get sick or feel stress and anxiety, so a treatment can boost and restore levels for good health and happiness.

Outdoor personal training designed to energise, motivate and educate. It will inspire you to kick- start a real change of lifestyle and outlook. It is a holistic approach to exercise that emphasises the connection of body, mind and spirit with the elements of nature.
Functional fitness training brings an awareness of the body and habitual patterns you are in. With a balanced training programme you will find you will grow stronger, your tight muscles and joints will become more flexible and your fitness will reach new invigorated heights.

Ancient civilisations have used sound as a porthole to connect to a higher sense of being and references date back to the bronze age.

The intention around orchestrating a sound bath is to create a sacred space that initiates a cascade of body reactions giving the listener a direct experience. It tunes the frequency of our minds, emotions and bodies to one resonance with the earth, our own magnetic fields and that of the universe itself. A sound bath can bring a deep sense of safety and security. Healing begins when the listener can let go and surrender into a deep sense of who they really are.

A sound bowl treatment is a deeply relaxing and beautiful experience. Individual bowls are placed on the body and played to harmonise and strengthen each of the energy centres (Chakras). We move from deep bass sounds at the root, through enchanting tones for the heart to ethereal high frequencies at the crown as you relax. This is a 2 hour treatment.  
The aim of a gong soundscape bath is to simply raise your vitality and increase calmness. It is a  75 minute practice that is accessible to all that have the inner calling to experience this ancient science and technology. 
All that is required is to lay down, relax and allow the vibrations to come and flow through the body. The gong is a powerful instrument that creates a rhythmic sound wave of vibrational energy to stimulate the glandular system to create deep relaxation. It is a transformational energy that will transcend the body into deep relaxation of the muscles and cut through the minds blocked thoughts and release feeling and emotions. 
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